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With the bad weather comes plenty of things, cabin fever, messy house, piles of washing and of course plenty of time in the house to SEW! No point in cleaning as the cyclone that is my children just destroy the place right behind me so for the last few afternoons they have both happily trashed upstairs while I do some sewing :)

Apart for the piles of nappies I have managed to finish, playing with labels that has driven me batty I have also made some shorts for stock, pants for orders, dresses for orders and a heap of appliques both for stock & orders. Thought I would share these now, so here goes:

Size 2 Indigo Cord Pants

Size 1 "Keri Beyer" Boys shorts (STOCK)

Size 18months Boys shorts (STOCK)

Size 1 Reversible Pinafore

Size 2 Reversible Pinafore

Size 1 Reversible Pinafore
Excused the crinkles it was so horrible weather wise here yesterday that even after I ironed everything it got trashed taking the pictures....Although the rain was very much needed :)

Of course for good measure here is a recent picture of Kaleb modelling his 'K' applique shirt!

~ Will be back with the top pictures as soon as I can upload picture to blogger again ~

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  1. Katy says:

    They're beautiful Krys!!