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I recently stumbled across a wonderful group of woman doing a wonderful & giving thing.

Providing not information and excitement but also some wonderful prizes for, well to put it simply, blog hopping.

This wonderful Earth Day giveaway was organised by Jan from Daisy Janie with a total of 11 different blogs participating. I discovered not only another 10 blogs but I also discovered some most amazing organic cotton prints, so many things to add to my wishlist, so many things that I could make with these wonderful fabrics.

Well to get to the point I entered, all of the blogs and to my surprise I was picked as a runner up for a prize from Umberella Prints, totally unexpected but something to totally look forward to. WOW I won something, little old me from the quiet corner of blog land.

Can't wait to see what Amy sends to me and I can't wait to get creative with it :)


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