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Well possibly not so much of the enjoyable but it was a wonderful day none the less.

The weeds lost out, I enjoyed the sun and the children enjoyed a trip to the nursery, complete with steeling apples off the tree :)

Some pruning {the poor chickens had no light due to a plum tree & passion-fruit vine}, some more weeds {you can now see plants in the back garden} and some new planting and the yard is looking awesome. Still a little more to finish off tomorrow but it's awesome to have achieved so much.

So in these wine barrels {which took forever to move} Herbs x 2; Apple Tree x 2; Lime Tree & Mulberry Tree :)

Of course a bonus of my puddy dogs. Czar is always under Zara, he can't not like it too much as he always let's he do it.

We even got new plants for the decking {that for some reason we let die recently}, but no pictures of these, I was slack. Can't wait to redo the back fence & finish the driveway to the shed.


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  1. amy prior says:

    Hi Khrys; Umbrella prints here! We decided to choose a few runnerup prizes and chose you for one of them :-) my email is have a lovely day!

  2. Krys says:

    WOW thanks for that Amy, I am so happy. Will email you right now :)