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Something we all inspire to have ourselves, something we all wish for our children and a place we love to hide. With this in mind here are some finds from Made It this week, to help inspire our children imagination.

I remember having one of these as a small child, I think we all had one. I know that I have two in my house that my little ones got for Easter. These ones are just amazing, so much detail and so fun looking. Head over to Clamity Bolt to take a look.

Don't have enough space for a cubby house? Need something for your small ones to play in, these tee pees are amazing. Joey Jelly Bean have done an awesome job, so much so that I wish I could have one myself.

Something truly for the imagination, something different and so very adorable. Smiling Ice-cream have really got something here, these adorable dragon wings/tail are something all children {or all ages} will enjoy.

Lastly something for the little dancers in your house. Little Fish Creations have a great range of tutu's for your little woman.


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