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I am currently obessed with head bands, for me!

My hair is shoulder lenght, was longer until earlier this year when I had a chop (although would have liked it shorter, but husband & hairdresser won) and it is so easy to get out of the shower in the morning and pop on a band. I don't mean the bands that you wear as a child, but the full around the head, nice and thick band.

Currently I have a lacy white and two plain black so needed some more, some with something inspiring & interesting on them. Of course I have been doing a little finger shopping and thought I would share some with you all.

I saw these ones from Red Ruby Designs recently at Perth Upmarket, but ran out of time to go back and get myself one. They looked awesome and of course very different to what you would normally see instores.

I also found this next one, of course on Etsy. They have a heap of different patterns & colours available from WeezaWear

I think I am in love with this next one. It is actually a head wrap and would work perfectly for keeping hair out of your eyes when you are trying to work or to keep your head even warmer on those cool days, like today for example. It is from HeyEvangaline and even better is made here in Australia.

There are so many to chose from but I think at the moment the last one might actually make it out of my shopping cart and into the mail to me.

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