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Things have been a little quite in blog land for me lately as so much has been going on at home & behind the scenes here. So many things that need to happen in preparation for our market appearance, new creations, finishing touches and special finishes to new and existing products.

But, finally I have taken pictures of the items I cut out earlier this month and that are all finally finished. Without further ado, here are the boys items.

Size 4T Applique Elephant T

Size 12 - 18months Applique Army Cirles T

Size 12months Cord Pants with Army Cuff

Size 3T Applique Rocket T
(David Walker Fabric)

Size 3 Stripe shorts with Rocket Pockets
(David Walker Fabric)

Size 6 - 12 months Applique Rocket T

Size 6 - 12 months Cord Pants with Rocket Cuff

Size 4T Applique Elephant T

Size 4 Cord Pants with Animal Cuff & Pockets
(Alexander Henry Fabric)

Size 4 Stripe Shorts with Animal Pockets
(Amy Butler & Alexander Henry Fabric)

These should all be listed on Woddle Bots by the end of this week. With a selection of each being available at both Oz Handmade & Etsy.

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  1. KirstyS says:

    Love the David Walker rockets! Strange that, hey? LOL

  2. What great designs, so good to see funky and functional designs for little boys - there isn't enough out there.

    'Childhood is a journey, not a race'